500 Amac employees introduced to the Techsave technology

af | 24. okt, 2018 | News

In October 2018 Techsave had the pleasure of participating at the Amac Vendor Fair together with other vendors such as Apple, Samsung, B&O, Belkin. In total 20-25 Amac vendors were represented at the event where 500 Amac employees from 46 Dutch Amac stores gathered to meet and get the latest news from their vendors.

The event took place at extraordinaire and impressive building “The Wall” in the outskirts of Utrecht.
At the fair Techsave met with the Amac management, technicians and retail staff who all showed a great interest in Techsave cleanings, the positive impact on the environment and the many customer benefits of the services.

Techsave partner since 2017
In 2017 Amac and Techsave established a strategic partnership regarding saving liquids damaged electronics. Amac is the largest Apple Premium Reseller in the Netherlands and has an annual turnover of € 150 million.

The Wall, Utrecht.