An upset customer didn’t believe what Techsave did to her laptop

af | 1. feb, 2019 | Case stories, News

Techsave partner Amac in Holland recently had a visit from a rather upset customer who had accidentally spilled red wine on her MacBook. She came to Techsave partner Amac in Holland for a repair, but she didn’t believe what then happened to her laptop.

A customer came to Techsave’s Dutch partner, Amac, with a laptop drowned in red wine. As a certified Techsave partner Amac offered to help her clean the laptop with the Techsave technology, knowing that this would save her laptop and data. All the customer had to do was pay for the cleaning and she would then get an offer for additional repair if it turned out that some of the components had been damaged by the red wine. After hearing about the possible outcome, she handed over her beloved laptop.

Amac later contacted the customer to let her know that the laptop was ready to be picked up. When the customer came back, she was quite confused. “Why has my MacBook not been repaired? Why did I not get an invoice, like your colleague said I would”?
Now the Amac people were confused. Had the laptop not been repaired? After looking up the device they saw that it was correct, the laptop had not been repaired. After going through the 50-step cleaning process in the patented Techsave machine the laptop came out fully functioning again, corrosion and red wine free.

So, the customer did not get an extra invoice instead she got her remaining product warranty back and an additional two-year warranty on the performed cleaning.

The client was flabbergasted that this was even possible.

After explaining the process again and how this could be done with only water, environmentally friendly soap and ultrasound, the customer was still slightly confused about getting her laptop back that easily. But at the end of the day Amac had a very happy customer who could go home with a fully functioning laptop and all of her pictures and documents intact.

And as they say at Amac; this technology is guaranteed to make anyone’s day.