Are your data safe when your phone is not?

af | 27. jan, 2019 | Most popular, News

Are you among the 50% who never backs up your phone? On a day to day basis it doesn’t seem that important, because what could happen? As the responsible person you are, taking care of your phone is a piece of cake, right?

Nevertheless, here are some facts that might make you rethink your back up strategy*:

  • 45 percent of smartphone owners will accidentally damage their phones
  • The average time from purchase to breaking your phone is approximately 10 weeks
  • 38 percent of consumers will drop their phone right out of their hand
  • 15 percent of people will break their phone by dropping it off their lap
  • 28 percent of consumers will drop their phones into liquid and 8 percent spill onto their device

If you are among the 50% who do not back up their device you can see from these numbers, that you ought to grab a good hold of your phone. The statistics are sending it straight towards the floor or into the nearest glass of water.

Clumsiness is hard to cure but luckily a broken screen can be fixed. But what about the 36% of phones that will come in contact with liquids? And what about the data that you didn’t back up?

Save your device and your data
At Techsave we have developed at technology for all those cases where you fumble with your phone and it ends up in a pool, the toilet or a glass of water or for when your drunk friends spill his beer on a phone or drops it is a drink. The Techsave technology will rinse your phone for liquid and corrosion and clean it with environmentally friendly soap.

And best of all, your data is saved. Even though you didn’t back up before the phone took a swim your data is still on your phone when you get it back from Techsave. We do however still advice you to back up your device just in case the phone isn’t injured by liquids.

*Source: Rambøll, DANSK IT, W3 Solutions.