Did you know? Don’t recycle – bring hi-tech back to life instead

af | 5. aug, 2019 | Did you know?, News

Being environmentally conscious means to recycle instead of throwing away, right? Not always as it turns out. Prolonging the life of a product is much better than recycling and of course way better than buying a new.

Recycling is only the second-best solution
To conserve natural resources and the energy needed to produce new electronic equipment from virgin resources, devices can be reused or recycled instead of being landfilled. Usually this is a good solution, especially since some electronic scrap takes up to a thousand years to degrade in nature.

Nonetheless, when recycling an electronic device a large amount of resources are wasted since a substantial part of the materials will be lost in the process, for instance if it is burned in the furnace. If computers and laptops are burned, the natural resources used for the production will be lost forever and cannot be recycled.

Therefore, before you choose to recycle electronics, you should make sure that they cannot be repaired and brought back to life. If the device is lost for good, Techsave recommends that you use responsible options when recycling your device.

Repairing is the new green
Repairing electronic devices is a key element in circular economy and it is the fastest and most efficient way to gain more value from natural resources, economically and environmentally. Repairing a computer helps conserve natural resources and avoids air and water pollution as well as greenhouse emissions caused by manufacturing virgin materials.

The best way to reduce the environmental impact is to keep a computer alive for as long as possible. Prolonging the life of a computer means that no critical raw materials and other valuable metals are required for manufacturing. Manufacturing and transportation of the products to the consumer requires energy too, which means use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions

Techsave brings hi-tech back to life
Techsave recommends that you prolong the life of your electronic devices and thereby help save the environment. A Techsave cleaning will bring hi-tech back to life from liquid damage. Saving a laptop with a Techsave cleaning means less wasted resources and less environmental strain as it leaves the smallest environmental footprint compared to manufacturing a new laptop and recycling it.

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