Customer stories

“If we haven’t had access to the Techsave technology, the customer had to pay 876€ for a new logic board, 60€ for labour charge and another 60€ for data recovery. Instead he payed 299€ for at Techsave clean, and got a fully functioning laptop back with all his data recovered – a difference on 697 euro,” Daniele Bompignano from R-store tells. Read more HERE
“A Saturday morning DQ Solutions in Switzerland got an emergency call from a customer who had just spilled water on his MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Needless to say, he was desperate for it to be fixed.”
“That same afternoon the customer picked up his fully functioning, 3500 EUR MacBook Pro Touch Bar laptop with all data intact. The price for repair was €350 plus a €90 express fee”. Read more HERE

Partner recognition

“I can admit when I’m wrong. And I was wrong because It’s not alien technology, it’s not expensive and it does actually work. I have seen the science, and I am fairly impressed, how it works and Im also impressed by how cheap it actually is. The success rate is astonishing,” says Jens Broch, technician at Care1. Read more HERE 
” This technology has given our customers huge savings and we have increased our earnings  significant, and at the same time we are all doing something good for the enviroment.”

Frank Daugaard, CEO, ServicePartner Danmark

Insurance companies statements

” We have achieved significant savings by using the Techsave technology.”

Mr. Bo Kristensen, AIG

” We have only had good experiences with Techsave and their cleaning process.”

Ms. Helle Kjær, Gjensidige