Certifying two dedicated technicians from Admire

9. January 2019

At the last Techsave training of 2018, we had the pleasure of certifying two dedicated technicians from ADmire, Copenhagen, Denmark; laptop technician Mads Stenderup and smartphone technician Michael Lippert.

Between them they have worked at ADmire for nearly seven years and both are furthermore certified by Apple. We at Techsave are therefore proud to be able to add to their already extensive knowledge about laptop and smartphone repairs at our two-day training camp.

Hands-on training that creates new opportunities
During their two-day training at Techsave Mads and Michael were introduced to the Techsave concept and the Techsave machine. Furthermore, they were trained in screening incoming devices to determine if a Techsave cleaning was the right tool to repair the damages.

“One of the best things about this training is that there is time to go into details with the mechanics and technical parts, Mads says. “It is very interesting to learn these things and it’s a great mix between hands-on training and theory”. 

After completing a cleaning of the liquid damaged products, the training concentrated on how to troubleshoot and test the cleaned devices. When asked what he thought about the training Michael was quick to answer; “Coming here to learn new techniques and see this very special machine in action are some of the things I have been looking forward to. And the fact that the Techsave machine actually works is both exciting to see but it also creates a lot of opportunities for our company.”

Ready to save the customers’ day
With their new Techsave knowledge in hand the certified technicians are now capable of saving liquid damaged devices – and giving the customers their device and data back.
Another great benefit of becoming a certified Techsave technician is that ADmire is now ready to receive their own machine, which will bring down the TAT on cleanings and help them develop their business even further.