Meet our partner:

30. July 2018

Belgian ARC has been a Techsave partner since 2018 and has more than 25 years’ experience within information technology. Their core business is fast and effective repairs provided by their certified technicians.

ARC, which stands for Authorized Repair Center, is an independent service company with office in Dilbeek and service point in Liège. ‘Authorized’ means that the ARC technicians are certified by and for the constructors with whom they work. The ARC technicians consider the maintenance of their knowledge as ‘core’ but above all, they are passionate about their repairs and realize what it means for the customer to miss their beloved device.

As an authorized service center ARC repairs all Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, iPods, MacBook Pro’s, iMac’s and Apple Watches. For ARC high-quality repairs stands for working with original Apple parts and their technicians will solve any problem professionally and as fast as possible.

Techsave is proud to be working with such a dedicated partner who puts a great deal of pride in delivering a great result with each repair. We look forward to be a part of their journey to save liquid damaged devices across Belgium.



Pictures: After completing the training at Techsave HQ the ARC technicians proudly presents their diploma