Meet our partner:

30. July 2018

Eplehuset is the largest Apple dealership in Norway with 3 repair and support centres and 21 stores across the country. The company was founded in 2002 with the aim of making Apple products easily accessible in Norway.

Eplehuset is a certified Apple service center and repairs all Apple products. Being a specialist in its field the company will make sure that customers receive top service and guidance on the whole Apple product range. Certified and highly qualified staff will troubleshoot the products for errors and injuries offering overnight express deliveries, so customers can be sure to receive their new or repaired products fast and easy.

Environment, knowledge, inspiration and enthusiasm are core values of Eplehuset and the basis for their business. Eplehuset has its headquarters in Trondheim and has a yearly turnover of more than NOK 1 billion.

Techsave is proud to team up with this dedicated Norweigan giant to save liquid damaged devices all over Norway. Eplehuset has been a Techsave partner since 2017.



Pictures: A full set of certified Techsave technicians from Eplehuset.