20. September 2018


Techsave is proud to present Johny Gotfredsen as our new Manager of Concept & Relations.

At Techsave we are dedicated to saving laptops and smartphones from liquid damages and we want to make sure that our customers are comfortable with the concept and the process. We have teamed up with Johny Gotfredsen who will:

  • make sure that the sales people are comfortable with our service and has immediate access to answers if needed
  • make sure that the management at each partner can draw on experiences from other partners in other countries (good or bad) in order to improve their services

A keen motivator
Johny has a background in the electronic insurance industry and has previously worked at Scandinavia’s largest insurance company, Tryg. He will take up a similar position at Techsave as the motivator and relationship-building link between our partners, their stores and repair centers.


Email: jg
Phone: +45 2099 3000
LinkedIn: Johny Gotfredsen