Techsave has the Nordic Swan Eco-Label

Techsave is the first company to be certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for our cleaning process.

The certification has been given to Techsave as we live up to the high demands set by the very well-known and well-reputed trademark in the Nordic region.

It demonstrates that Techsave not only cares about environmental issues but we live up to strong quality requirements, since respect for the environment and quality often go hand in hand. This is why the Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence should also be seen as a mark of quality.

We are proud to say that we live up to and exceeds the below criteria set by the ecolabel:



See full set of criteria at



We have five partners in the Nordic region where the Techsave process is also certified with the Nordic Swan Eco-label. To become a certified the partner must be located in the Nordic region and the installation site must live up to the same set of criteria as shown above.

Our Nordic Swan Ecolabelled partners are: