Students write assignment about Techsave

2. December 2019

The four students while on a visit at Techsave.

Techsave has recently had a visit from four students from the finance bachelor program at Aarhus Erhvervsakademi. The students have written about Techsave’s expansion opportunities in Great Britain

Techsave is an extremely interesting company. That fact has also come to the attention of Line Dreyer Andersen, Mads Lysdahl Andersen, Martin Lind Krarup and Victor Wibe Løntoft all students from Erhvervsakademi Aarhus.

Recently they chose Techsave as a case, as they had to write a major assignment in the subject: Marketing, cultural understanding & organization. They chose to focus on Techsave’s opportunities in relation to an entry in Great Britain.

During research for the assignment the students interviewed Techsave Manager of Concepts & Relations, Johny Gotfredsen. In addition, the students also interviewed Steven Hird supply chain manager at the multinational insurance company AXA. AXA has more than 100 million customers worldwide.

Interested Techsave’s technology
Hird was very interested in Techsave’s technology. In particular the possibility of being able to save the environment for the great burden generated by the “buy-new culture” rather than the repair culture, is according to Hird, attractive for an insurance company of AXA’s size.

According to Steven Hird AXA already has a lot of small repair partners, who repair liquid damages. But their success rate is not close to the success rate that Techsave has.

Techsave wishes Line Dreyer Andersen, Mads Lysdahl Andersen, Martin Lind Krarup and Victor Wibe Løntoft good luck with the assignment and all the best in their further career.

Techsave saves liquid damaged tablets, smartphones and laptops. Techsave cooperate with many European insurances companies and have repair partners in 12 different countries.

In Denmark alone thousands of laptops and smartphones are liquid damaged every year. With Techsave, about 90 percent of these repairs can be repaired instead of thrown away. Techsave can save five laptops or 20 phones in three hours using 27 liters of water. A far cry from the 1,5 metric tonnes of water it takes to create one new laptop.