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How we saved Emily’s laptop, data, money and her day

Sep 11 2018

Emily from Germany contacted us on our live chat hoping to get help saving her drowned laptop. Even though Techsave is yet…

Did you know? Don’t recycle – bring hi-tech back to life instead

Aug 05 2018

Being environmentally conscious means to recycle instead of throwing away, right? Not always as it turns out. Prolonging the life of a…

Did you know? A Techsave cleaning leaves the smallest environmental footprint

Jul 27 2018

We don’t give much thought to the amount of pollution the production of a device has caused when are looking at a…

I spilled coffee in my laptop – what should I do?

Jul 04 2018

  You know the scene, you can even picture it going on in slow motion. You sit at your desk with a…

Did you know? Techsave reduces the amount of e-scrap

Jun 16 2018

Dreaming of a new shining smartphone or a new slim, lightweight laptop? While many of us get tempted to throw out the…