Technician thought all liquid damaged laptops should be scrapped: Techsave made him change his mind

18. December 2019

It was more because of curiosity than a belief that Care1 technician, Jens Broch came to Techsave’s training in Randers.

With nearly fifteen years working experience with electronic products Jens Broch had seen a lot of liquid damages on both mobiles and laptops in his career. Therefore, his opinion about liquid damages products was clear:

“My initial thought was to throw them out. Buy a new product. Because in my experience liquid damage was hardly repairable and rarely worth it, I had heard of some ‘alien technology’ that could but it was way too expensive,” Jens Broch says.

It was, therefore, more of curiosity than belief, that he took part in the training at Techsave’s headquarter in Randers.

“I was a skeptic. I had heard about the technology, but I didn’t that believe, it would actually work. I was mainly there to ‘see the giraffe,’ as we say,“ Jens Broch tells.

I can admit when I’m wrong
But after seeing Techsave’s machine in action, he had to eat his words.

“I can admit when I’m wrong. And I was wrong because It’s not alien technology, it’s not expensive and it does actually work. I have seen the science, and I am fairly impressed, how it works. I am fairly impressed, that I work, and also how cheap it actually is. The success rate is astonishing,” says Jens Broch.

Especially one episode a the Techsave training convinced Jens Broch that time, where liquid damaged products had to be thrown away, was over.

“We had a laptop, I think I was three months old, and it has been hit with orange juice. It was this disgusting sticky mess and all the keys were stuck together. I was thinking, let’s put the machine to the test, let’s see. Because I kind of want to see, if it works, but I also kind of, want to see it fail, because that would strengthen my belief, that it doesn’t work, Jens Broch tells.

But after the orange juice infected laptop had been through Techsave’s machine the experienced technician, was impressed.

“First of all it looked brand new, when it came out – on the outside, on the inside, the components looked equal to the new ones, we get from apple themselves. And we put It all together, and it actually worked. The first time we plugged in the power charger, and then there was a screen. I was amazed, says Jens Broch.

You need to see it
Because of the experience Jens Broch had at Techsave, he now has advice for all his colleagues around the world. They need to know Techsave’s technology.

“Go see it for yourself. If you really want to believe it, you have to see it with your own eyes. But do yourself the favor, and go see it, because it has made a believer out of me, he says.