Techsave goes greener

27. March 2019

At Techsave we offer a green alternative to the growing e-waste streams by providing an environmentally friendly way to save liquid damaged smartphones and laptops. 

Our machine runs on water, environmentally friendly soap, compressed air and electrical power. We can save five laptops or 25 phones in only two hours using 27 liters of water. A far cry from the 1,5 metric tonnes of water it takes to create one new laptop.

And now we are going even greener. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by going climate neutral on our shipments to/from our partners all over Europe. By supporting our couriers’ climate initiatives we make sure that a contribution corresponding to our carbon footprint is given to climate protection.

This means that we through DHL support wind power plants in Nicaragua, biomass plants in India and reforestation in Uganda. Though PostNord we support UN and Gold Standard certified project in China and India. Read more about the DHL and PostNord projects here.

We are always looking for new ways to become even greener and encourage others to do the same.