Techsave teams up with German giant in consumer electronincs repair

30. November 2018


Techsave is happy to announce a new partnership with RTS Elektronic Services in Germany. The Techsave solution for saving liquid damaged laptops and smartphones will be offered in 400 locations all over Germany with the potential of bringing down the amount of e-scrap significantly.

Techsave looks forward to teaming up with RTS Electronic Services in order to provide the Techsave solution nationwide in Germany. By combining the Techsave solution with RTS Elektronic Services’ wide expertise in consumer electronics repair and their presences in over 400 locations Germans with liquid damaged devices will have easy access to saving their device and data.

RTS Elektronic Services has already established numerous successful service concepts with well-known national and international customers. Adding the Techsave solution to their service offerings paves the road for new opportunities for both parties.

The amount of e-scarp will be reduced significantly
Techsave has cleaned more than 18,000 liquid damaged devices and the statistics shows that more than 9 out of 10 liquid damages can be saved. “With the large potential in the partnership with RTS Elektronic Services we will both be able to save the customers’ device, data and money and bring down the amount of e-scarp in Germany significantly”, states CEO at Techsave, Peter Thomsen.

The best way to reduce the environmental impact is to keep a computer and smartphone alive for as long as possible and thereby postpone the need to discard damaged electronics and produce new, which is environmentally straining. With the Techsave technology it is now possible to save what was previously discarded for the benefit of the customer and the environment.

About RTS Electronic Services
On an annual basis RTS Elektronic Services handles more than 100,000 smartphones and notebooks service cases. RTS Elektronic Service is a part of RTS Service Group which is a company under MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group. RTS Service Group has more than 1,020 stores, 65,000 employees and 6 million daily customer contacts (2 billion per year) in 15 countries.