In 2007 our founder Jonas Tedde developed a process for cleaning of liquid damaged laptops. With a background as technician and experience with sod damaged devices he developed a manual process with a success rate of 30% – that was 30% more than the competition. It was a 9-meter-long process with several steps and buckets which was finished off with the device being placed 5 days in a heated drying room.

Through the years the technology has been developed and refined, and in 2014 the development of the fully automatic Techsave machine began. In 2017 Techsave cleaning machine was introduced to the European market.

The Techsave machine can be installed in repair centers all over the world. Measuring 80 x 120 centimeters and weighing approx. 550 kg the machine fits into most repair centers. After a through training in screening devices, disassembly and testing the machine can be operated nu the push of a button.

The process it self stops and removes corrosion and makes it possible to save the customer’s valuable data. The process is completely environmentally friendly and uses Nordic Eco-labelled soap and water to clean and dry the liquid damaged devices.







Danish patent (DK179189B1) and patent pending in Europe (17735382.8) and USA (16/314,908)