How we saved Emily’s laptop, data, money and her day

af | 11. sep, 2018 | Case stories, News

Emily from Germany contacted us on our live chat hoping to get help saving her drowned laptop. Even though Techsave is yet to announce a partnership in Germany we found the perfect solution for Emily and we saved her laptop, her money and her day!

Emily spilled tea on her MacBook Pro and as any other person she quickly came to realize that her worse nightmare just became a reality. Emily quickly ran through her options: Go to a local repair store, repair the laptop herself or buy a new one.

If at first you don’t succeed – go with the Techsave solution!
She chose to go to a local repair store hoping they could come up with a reasonable solution to her problem. The repair store quickly examined Emily’s computer and sent her a quotation on €1,973.

Realizing that repairing her Mac Pro would cost her the same as buying a new one, Emily felt rather hopeless. Fortunately, Emily’s dad remembered seeing a Techsave add and contacted us. After talking to one of our agents in our 24/7 chat they went for the Techsave solution.

Since Techsave is not yet represented in Germany, we redirected Emily to a few of our partners close to her location. After a quick dialogue with ServicePartner Danmark Emily decided to send her computer to them.

Techsave saves the day
ServicePartner Danmark received and examined the laptop and made a quotation for Emily. She had the option to decline the quotation, in which case she would only have to pay for shipping cost. If however, she accepted she would get a fully functioning laptop again for only €675,20, instead of the original quote from Germany on €1.973.

By choosing the Techsave cleaning at ServicePartner Danmark Emily ended up saving €1.298 and got a fully functioning computer back. Emily’s father was also very pleased and sent us a message saying “Thank you for your help. My daughter received the MacBook yesterday in perfect order and no data lost!”.

He furthermore stated that “The service of your partner was very good. Everything worked out as promised and every step of repair was communicated. I can only say a big THANK YOU to everyone involved. We will definitely recommend you to our friends”.

No more loss due to liquid damages
As you can see, liquid damaged is a thing of the past. Techsave and its state-of-the-art technology have made it possible for repair centers to repair liquid damaged devices in a matter of hours.


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