I dropped my phone in the toilet!

af | 20. apr, 2020 | Most popular, News

By now we have heard this question so many times: “Do you guys fix liquid damaged phones”? Followed by “my daughter just dropped hers in the toilet.” Did you know that the toilet and bath account for almost 35% of all phones that have been liquid damaged?

During our years of service, we have also heard; “I dropped it in my coffee”, or “my friend accidentally spilled beer on my phone”. One of the most common stories is “I was taking a bath…”. You’d be surprised at how many people use their phone while taking a bath, as funny as that may sound.

Techsave can do it!
Fixing a liquid damaged phone is now possible and, in most cases, a better option than buying a new phone. The smartphone industry has reached a point where the new phones do not differ that much from the last edition. It makes sense to hold on to your phone for a few years then replace it with a newer version. It saves you money and the environment loves you for it.

Removing liquids from electronics has been one of the most difficult tasks done by repair centers. Thanks to Techsave technology liquid damage repair can now be done in a matter of hours helping us to return your device within the same week.

Should you fix your liquid-damaged phone?
It is up to you to decide, but let’s be honest, with the prices of mobile phones skyrocketing every year and not much difference between the newer model and the one you already have I would say “yes”, it is worth it to get back a fully functioning phone. But more importantly, you should get your device fixed because:

1. You get back valuable data stored in the phone, like pictures or contact, that hasn’t been backed up.
2. You save money on buying a new
3. You save the environment from more e-scrap and CO2 emissions from producing a new phone.

+80% success rate
Techsave has a +80% success rate counting all our partners and locations across Europe. We have well-documented research concluding that our cleaning will stop corrosion from the liquid you spilled and prevent new from occurring. In many cases, you won’t even need additional repair. But time is of the essence. Hurry down to your local Techsave repair center to get your phone fixed – find your local Techsave partner HERE.