International e-waste day

af | 14. okt, 2020 | News, Sustainability

Today is your opportunity to do something to bring down the growing amount of e-waste.
Go home, look in your drawers and cabinets.
Find your old phones and laptops and do one of the following things:

  • Repair it and use it again, or
  • Donate it to charity
  • Sell it to refurbish
  • Recycle it though the proper channels

Whatever you do – don’t throw it in the bin!


Our concept is to bring liquid damaged technology back to life. By doing that we ensure that was previously discarded can now be repaired and used again. By prolonging the life of laptops and smartphones we reduce the amount of CO2 emissions from producing new devices.
If a device is damaged beyond repair, we make sure that the device is being refurbished.
At the Techsave office we are all using secondhand laptops that have been saved from liquid damage. And they work perfectly.
Let’s help each other bring down e-scrap by focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling.


International E-Waste Day was developed in 2018 by the WEEE Forum with the support of its members. The day is used to raise the public profile of e-waste recycling and encourage consumers to recycle their e-waste with the resulting increase in e-waste recycling rates on the day itself and into the future. Read more HERE