LETS SAVE THE WORLD – one laptop at the time

af | 26. sep, 2018 | News, Sustainability

At Techsave we care about the environment and we are proud to say that each day we save the world from several hundred kilos of unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Each time one of our certified Techsave technicians save a laptop from a liquid damage they save approx. 386 kg of CO2 – this is what it takes to produce a new laptop. How much is 386 kg. of CO2 really? To help you understand how much it actually matters to save a laptop we made a list that illustrates it quite well.

The CO2 emission that is saved by cleaning a laptop is the same amount of CO2 you use when:


  • Watching Netflix for 3,204 hours
  • Watching season 1-7 of Game of Thrones 41 times
  • Watching all Star Wars movies 102 times
  • Having your TV on 24/7 for 93 days
  • Watching 1536 football games or watching all games at the 2018 World Cup 24 times


  • Driving your car for 15 hours straight
  • Driving 1,522 km – the distance from Berlin to Rome
  • Burning 164 liters gasoline in your car


  • Having the light on 24/7 for 3 years
  • Using energy to run an average household for 11 days
  • Burning 100 kg oil for electricity
  • Burning 130 kg coal for electricity
  • Producing 26 kg of beef steaks


Source: Danish Technological Institute