Meet our most unlucky customer to date

af | 11. feb, 2019 | Case stories, News

Some people never experience a liquid damage, some might have one and then there are those who are more unlucky than the average person. Take Christian for instance. He has had not one or two liquid damages – he has had three. At least this is how many he remembers, our records states that we have had the pleasure of his laptops up to seven times. How is that even possible you may wonder?

One man, two laptops, three liquid damages
To cast a bit of light on how one can be so unlucky, we asked Christian to tell us more about his most memorable liquid damages and how Techsave helped him save his laptops.

During his time as a Techsave client Christian has had two laptops and both were a few years old when the accidents happened. One was sold after it was cleaned by Techsave and back to full working order. Christian still has the second laptop which is working perfectly.

The first liquid damage happened during a movie night where someone tripped in the HDMI cable and knocked a glass of water in to the laptop. Water was also involved in the second accident where a water bottle leaked in his bag and soaked the laptop. And finally, the third time the laptop was actually stored away under a windowsill, but a combination of wind, blinds and tea still managed to liquid damage the laptop.

Techsave to the rescue
Each time Christian had a liquid accident with his laptop he turned to Techsave for help. And when asked about how his laptops worked after the cleanings, he said that; “they worked like they should even though spare parts were needed on some occasions”.

He furthermore added that “the accidents rarely came at a good time – it was typically just up to an exam. Techsave has been incredible and completed the cleanings in no time”.

The Techsave technology has been under development since 2007 and in that period, we have saved more than 19.000 devices. Among those many cleaning some are more memorable than others.