Eight out of ten liquid damages can be repaired

af | 1. jul, 2019 | News

Good news for both the environment and the bottom line:

Almost all laptops and smartphones that have had liquid damage have so far been discarded. With Techsave up to 80 percent can now be repaired instead. Therefore, it is a great advantage for insurance companies to choose an electronics repair center that collaborates with Techsave.

When repairing electronics damages, Gjensidige Forsikring, Denmark’s fifth-largest insurance company, collaborates with ServicePartner Denmark, which is certified by Techsave. Thus, Gjensidige Forsikring is one of the insurance companies that have access to Techsave’s cleaning technology for liquid damages, and it has resulted in happier customers, says Helle Kjær, who is

Chief of Claims in Gjensidige Forsikring:

Previously, many appliances with liquid damage were discarded. Therefore, our customers lost the data that was on their phone or PC if they didn’t have back-up. This meant that a lot of valua-ble pictures, documents and so on were lost forever. To great despair for us, because we couldn’t help – and especially for our customers.”    Helle Kjær, Chief of Claims, Gjensidige Forsikring

According to Helle Kjær, Gjensidige Forsikring experiences a number of advantages on several levels with Techsave:
“This cleaning technology means that we can help our customers in a better way by saving both their data and the liquid damaged phone or PC itself. It is better for the environment when we can re-pair instead of discarding, our customers save money and it is also better for our bottom-line, as the costs per damage are kept at a significantly lower level”, says Helle Kjær, Chief of Claims in Gjensidige Forsikring.

Techsave has since 2007 worked determinedly to create the most efficient, economically viable and most environmentally friendly way to repair liquid damages in electronics. The many thou-sands of hours spent on development have led to the design of a machine that is both more effi-cient, faster and more environmentally friendly than any other alternative on the market.

There are Techsave machines in a number of workshops across Europe, and we are constantly getting new business partners. In Denmark, several of the largest companies in the field of electronics repair have acquired one of our machines, and each day they save liquid-damaged equipment for their customers.

A few of the benefits of using Techsave are:

  • Economy: The average cost is reduced by up to 40 percent for the insurance companies, which saves an average of €300 when a laptop is repaired instead of being discarded.
  • Environment: When a laptop with the liquid damage is repaired, you save the environment for the 386 kg of CO2 the production of a new laptop requires. This corresponds to 11 days of CO2 emissions for the average household.
  • Customer Satisfaction: In the vast majority of cases, data will not be lost in the process and customers can get their laptops or smartphones back ready for use. In addition, customers get a financial saving while helping to do something good for the environment.

If you would also like to provide your customers with the opportunity to have their liquid damaged equipment repaired instead of discarded, you are most welcome to contact us. We will then reach out to your partner in the field of repairing electronic damages and discuss the opportunities.