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What happens when liquid damage occurs?

In 9 out of 10 cases when liquid damage occurs, a short-circuit is the result. But since the voltage is so low on the PCBs, it’s not enough to do any actual harm.

All systems are designed to shut down when liquid damage occurs. Now you are not able to turn it on. But If you put it on a heater, you will discover that it can turn on after a couple of days.

The most important thing is, if you just dry electronics that have been liquid damaged, you don’t stop corrosion. The corrosion is what happens over the long term. The corrosion will start growing, and even if you dry it out completely, you still have some minerals in the liquid that don’t get removed in the drying process.

To stop the corrosion, you have to clean it as we do in Techsave. And the sooner you clean the device; the higher the success rate is of saving the device. There will be no development of corrosion after the Techsave cleaning.

Which devices can be cleaned by Techsave?

At Techsave, we clean laptops & smartphones.

How are old liquid damage devices profitable to clean?

We have cleaned everything from 2-hours-old liquid damage to 2-years-old liquid damage. Even if it’s weeks or months old liquid damage, we can clean it.

How many devices can you clean at the time?

The Techsave cleaning machine can clean five laptops or 20 smartphones at a time, and it takes around 3 hours.

How can you make sure that all liquid and all minerals are removed?

The Techsave technology operates as a fully automatic Techsave cleaning machine. In the drying process, we use a vacuum.

Can you clean the battery and the screen?

The technician removes the battery and the screen before cleaning.

What if the Techsave technology can’t repair the device?

The Techsave cleaning process is built on a No cure No pay basis. It means that the cleaning is only a success if the laptop or smartphone goes back to the customer, even if the customer turns down the offer or the device simply can’t be repaired. Techsave will then refund the price of the cleaning.


What is the background for developing this technology?

The Techsave technology is build by technicians with technical background and experience with restoration of fire and water damaged products. It all started with a manual process for cleaning liquid-damaged laptops which has now turned into a fully automatic process. 

How many companies do the same as Techsave?

Our process is patented. Techsave is the only fully automatic solution on the market. Our 13 years of experience developing this process makes our success rate non-comparable. We make sure to remove all of the corrosion from the device with our drying process which is not possible in a manual process using ultrasonic and alcohol for cleaning.

Are you operating all across Europe?
We are currently in countries all over Europe with over 500 drop-off points.
Can I check the status of my devices?

You can always check your device on our website by typing in your IMEI-number or serial-number on our website Check device

How many devices has Techsave cleaned?

We have cleaned over 25,000 devices.

What is the success rate?

Our success rate is over 80% on laptops and 75% on smartphones.

How do you define a success?

The cleaning is only a success if the laptop or smartphone goes back to the customer. 

Are you in contact with insurance companies?

We are working closely with the biggest insurance companies in Europe. Insurance companies are building up new sustainable strategies repairing as much electronic equipment as possible for environmental & economic benefits.

What should I do when the customer comes in with a liquid damage device?

It’s a simple process. Put the liquid-damaged device in an anti-corrosion bag, and your repair shop takes care of cleaning and saving it.