Techsave is a game changer

af | 24. apr, 2019 | News

In the beginning of 2019, we have had the pleasure of training three Care1 technicians and two technicians from their sister company, IT-Services. With a combined 45 years of experience from the industry this was a strong line up and it was great getting to know, share and exchange knowledge with such an experienced team.

Initial skepticism…

The Techsave technology is for most technicians both interesting and controversial with an initial hint of “this is too good to be true”. At Techsave we know that the possibility to save liquid damaged electronics is a new way of thinking, the technology is new, and for many unseen and untested. 

This time around was no different. The skepticism which often exist about the concept is turned into belief during the training where we introduce the training participants to the machine. The technicians bring real life liquid damaged cases which are used to verify if it is in fact true that liquid damages are a thing of the past (at least in 92% of the time).

…Turned into belief

After completing the two-day training camp at Techsave, including an introduction to the history, concept and the Techsave machine together with screening, disassembly, cleaning and troubleshooting of the participants’ own liquid damaged products, all of the technicians had the same concluding remarks; 

“Okay, we are convinced, this technology works”. Followed up by the statement that Techsave changes the way of seeing liquid damages. Now these devices are not automatically a total loss case, but just another device that can be repaired.

What more can you ask for, than recognition from such a strong team of industry professionals? 

New business opportunities

Besides recognizing Techsave for prioritizing thorough testing of the concept and thinking all aspects into it such as environment, warranty and no cure no pay, the training participants also put an emphasis on the fact that this would spark new business opportunities for their company. It will add to their existing services, lower the amount of total loss cases and make even more customers happy. 

Leaving with a certificate and a smile

After two days of training and social activities the technicians are now ready to save liquid damages. They also left the training camp with a first-hand relationship with a supplier who will go an extra mile to help and support them in their business. 

At Techsave we not only want a happy end user, we also want happy technicians and partners, and from the smile on their face when they left with their certificate, it seems that we yet again succeeded in this.