Techsave is setting a green agenda

af | 2. jul, 2020 | News, Sustainability

We want to set the standard for how a company in our industry can act responsibly in relation to the environment. Our new corporate identity is a step towards reaching our goal.

At Techsave we are proud to announce the launch of our new logo and brand identity as part of the ongoing development of our company. Going forward our corporate identity and brand strategy will support the sustainable values of our core product; saving liquid damaged technology and thereby reducing negative environmental impacts and as well as CO2 emissions.

Our company colours have shifted to green and our logo demonstrates a clear visual change without losing the meaning, heritage, or power of recognition of the former Techsave logo.

A circle is formed from the old logo which symbolises sustainability and the circular economy which Techsave is dedicated to support. The small leaf signals Techsave’s green and sustainable focus.

Setting new standards
Techsave has been on an amazing journey since 2007. Our product has gone from being a manual process in a bicycle shed to a fully automatic, patented machine represented on markets across Europe.

As the company has evolved, we have taken on a new business strategy as we are working towards becoming a greener and more sustainable company than we were yesterday. Every day we strive to become more sustainable. We want to set the standard for how a company in our industry can act responsibly in relation to the environment.

Among the many initiatives towards becoming a greener company we have adapted four key words which guides us in all our decisions; people, planet, product and profit. These four words are the foundation for all our activities and must be positively affected by all that we do.

Supporting sustainable initiatives
Sustainable sourcing has been a key focus area. With our four keywords in mind we strive to find the most sustainable suppliers and products each time when we make a purchase.

Whether it is buying caps made by upcycled and recycled plastic bottles from Indonesia, choosing a sustainable certified print company or by helping small vendors with large orders to support a business and the local community. Furthermore, we climate compensate shipments and our own transport when we visit partners across Europe.

We strive to think sustainability in all we do and each day we become better at it.

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