Techsave lifts the cap to sustainability

af | 7. jul, 2020 | News, Sustainability

We have added the most sustainable cap on market to our merchandise portfolio. It comes with a story we are proud to share.
As a part of Techsave’s mission to become more sustainable every day we have taken a look at our merchandise and our wish for a Techsave cap. We didn’t want just any cap. We wanted a cap that was sustainably in every fiber – and it is safe to say that this is what we got with the Topiku cap.

Topiku is an Indonesian company founded by Monty Hasan. After talking to Monty, we knew this was a perfect match.
Topiku makes handcrafted hats from upcycled and recycled waste materials, salvaged from landfills, that would otherwise add to Indonesia’s ever-growing problem of waste management.

The circular economy of the hat production makes a true Techsave heart swell. We are all for recycling, upcycling and reducing waste streams. You are sure to feel good putting on this cap.

The company doesn’t order new fabrics and thereby they eliminate the need for the energy- and water-intensive stages of the production, which reduces their carbon footprint by over 80%.

The hats are produced in home industries allowing men and women to work from the comfort of their own home. The hat-producing community is the only employer of women in the area and they offer both men and women equitable work opportunities and pay them a living wage of almost double the local minimum wage.

This is indeed the world’s premier sustainable hat production.

We are happy to support Topiku and we look forward to working with them. It is a part of our corporate identity to make sustainable choices and we aim to be this sustainable in all our procurements. We hope that you will too.