Techsave opens Benelux service center for saving liquid damaged laptops and smartphones

af | 16. jun, 2021 | News

From the left: Nico van Vendeloo, CEO – Bram van Vendeloo, Manager Operation – Arie van Driel, Chief Mechanic – Micha van Loon, Manager Customer Care

The Danish-based technology company Techsave opens the first-ever multi-brand service center for repairing liquid-damaged smartphones and laptops on June 17 in Dordrecht, Netherlands. 


Techsave has developed a unique, patented cleaning machine that efficiently saves up to 80% of liquid-damaged smartphones and laptops. In only three hours, the machine cleans and dries liquid-damaged devices. 

The technology not only makes it possible to repair devices that until now have been discarded, it also has a positive impact on the environment. The technology prolongs the devices’ lifetime and saves CO2 emissions from producing new laptops and smartphones. Saving one laptop from liquid damage saves 386 kg of CO2 emissions – the same as 11 days of energy use in an average household or driving a car for 15 hours non-stop.


The Techsave technology is already used across Europe by various repair centers. From June 17, repairers and insurers throughout the Benelux can get their devices cleaned at the service center in Dordrecht. 

We are delighted to open our first multi-brand Techsave service center in Benelux and strengthen our presence in the region,” says Johny Gotfredsen, Manager Concept & Relation at Techsave.

The new technology makes it possible for the whole supply chain, from end-users over repair centers to insurance companies, to gain from repairing liquid damages.

Insurance partners, in particular, can look forward to saving costs on claims payouts by repairing devices instead of replacing them with new ones. Several large insurance companies such as Harmony, ASR, ZLM, and Univé already benefit from the Techsave technology.


Nico van Vendeloo, entrepreneur in sustainable technology and Techsave partner, is pleased with the arrival of the Dutch service center. He has known the Danish company for years and is familiar with the cleaning machine. 

It is fascinating for us to roll out the technology in the Benelux together with Techsave. They have addressed the challenge of liquid damage and developed something that works. The company has come up with a solution that is environmentally friendly and easy to use. The Danish Technological Institute has verified the technology through thorough testing. We look forward to working with a company that has done the right things from the start.”


Techsave not only offers customers a new repair method, but they also take over the customers’ otherwise lost product warranty. Smartphones and laptops have a 24-month product warranty that ends if a device is liquid-damaged. However, if the device is successfully cleaned in the machine, Techsave takes over the original product warranty up to 24 months from the original purchase date. It means that the end-users are now protected in the same way as before the damage happened.


Nico van Vendeloo
CEO Techsave Benelux

Johny Gotfredsen
Manager, Concept & Relation
Techsave A/S
+45 20993000