Water damaged laptop repaired in record time

af | 10. feb, 2019 | Case stories, News

MacBook Pro Touch Bar and live far away from a repair center that can save it?
A Saturday morning DQ Solutions in Switzerland got an emergency call from a customer who had just spilled water on his MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Needless to say, he was desperate for it to be fixed. Luckily DQ Solutions offers an express cleaning service for water damaged laptops and smartphones and they were able to offer the customer an express repair of his laptop.

The customer jumped in his car and took the one and a half hour drive to DQ Solutions where the certified Techsave technicians were ready to receive his beloved laptop. While the customer went shopping, DQ Solutions screened, disassembled and cleaned the laptop in the Techsave cleaning machine where it went through the 50-step cleaning and drying process. After the concluding tests the water and corrosion free laptop was ready to be handed back to the customer.

That same afternoon the customer picked up his fully functioning, 3500 EUR MacBook Pro Touch Bar laptop with all data intact. The price for repair was €350 plus a €90 express fee.

First aid for your laptop
If you should find yourself in the same situation one day, we recommend that you follow these four first aid steps before taking your laptop or smartphone to a Techsave partner:

  • Unplug all cables
  • Wipe your device clean and move it to a dry place
  • Remove the battery if possible
  • Put the laptop upside down on a towel to dry

Find your local Techsave partner at HERE.